Cockos Reaper is one of the most advanced programs for creating music, both in the studio and at home. The main “trick” of the program is that it has pattern, keyboard and audio editing. You can specify an unlimited number of audio or midi tracks, not counting how many virtual instruments of the VST format can be added.
Reaper does not take up so much space on the hard drive and does not load the processor, like programs from the FL Studio, Cubase, Reason or Sonar series. With this program you can work even on low-power computers with sound cards that do not support Full duplex operation modes. Although, if the sound card supports this mode, you will get unlimited possibilities for creating your own compositions with professional sound even in formats such as 5 + 1, and with additional plug-ins, even 7 + 1.

Key features:
• Unlimited creation and playback of audio and MIDI tracks.
• Ability to run the program from removable media.
• 64-bit audio engine program.
• Small distribution size and high performance.
• Compatible with multi-core processors and multi-processor systems.
• Direct recording to multiple tracks in a variety of formats, including WAV, OGG, MIDI, FLAC, etc.
• Supports a wide range of hardware.
• Supports VST, VSTi, DX, DXi effects and instruments.
• Many built-in tools and effects.
What’s New 6.12s
fix issue with legacy customized FX mixer menu items •
Fx browser
minor reorganization of controls
add context menu items to add FX to selected active takes, selected tracks
add option to hide FX type prefixes in folders and filtered views •
add options to hide FX when duplicate FX of a preferred type is present
allow reordering of user-folders via drag / drop or Ctrl + Up / Down
allow dragging multiple plug-ins to empty TCP / MCP areas to create tracks
show confirmation prompt when adding more than 9 plug-ins at once
fix display of ReWire and FX chains in quick add menu folders
replace existing FX when alt + dragging from FX browser to an existing FX instance
increase maximum folders / VST folder counts
remove developer names from items when redundant with the folder name
small reorganization of controls
add portamento setting
allow loop to be enabled when ignoring note-offs
improve UI for editing loop start offset / fades
right clicking activity light sends note-offs
use a fixed-size ADSR view when using a looping sample
allow easier setting of long attack / release settings when using short looped media
Automation items
only copy time-selected area if edit begins within the time selection •
prevent potential hang when editing trim via envelope control panel •
Custom actions
editor is now modeless and can be opened for multiple custom actions at once
improve accessibility of editor (Control + Up / Down to reorder custom action list, Enter to add to list, etc) •
add actions to select groups 33-64 •
modernize nomenclature
allow NSAppTransportSecurity NSExceptionDomains for localhost / HTTP for some plug-ins
improve support for js_ReaScriptAPI extension drawing with Metal •
support longer pattern entry on Windows •
increase size of metronome pattern entry fields to show up to 32 beats
fix import timing issue with certain bpm / bpi changes
improve accessibility descriptions of mute / solo buttons in ReaNINJAM
Project bay
improve velocity scaling display for MIDI items •
minor reorganization of controls
support Ctrl + A in filter field to select all text
fix processing artifact when automating parameters away from a non-automatically-bypassed state •
reduce CPU use
add PromptForAction ()
fix temporary playback issue when reconfiguring send via SetTrackSendInfo_Value (I_SRCCHAN)
update Track / TakeFX_AddByName () to allow inserting FXADD :, allow inserting FX at position in chain
enable Apply button after editing render target directory •
resolve $ region wildcard correctly when using region render matrix with multiple regions with the same start / end times •
add ‘Combine: grid of videos’ preset •
improve ‘Apply track FX only where track has video items’ preset to allow clearing if no items
support dual-mono optimization
support embedding APEv2 tags when rendering
display WavPack metadata in source properties dialog
fix action to scroll view vertically one page •
Audio Units
do not show duplicates for plug-ins that register as both an effect and instrument
Copy / paste
add actions to paste items ignoring hidden tracks (wysiwyg), which is the default behavior since 6.11 •
Copy / paste / delete
context-sensitive cut / copy / paste / delete commands will affect selected media items if track control panel area was last clicked but no tracks are selected
Custom menu / toolbar editor
allow inserting multiple actions at once
fix display glitch in certain instances with asymmetrical envelope display •
Freeze / render stems
fix behavior when rendering multiple items on the same track with the same item name •
prevent “adjust grid by ..” actions from setting grid to unreasonable values ​​•
restore logical-sort in reaper-menu.ini •
Item solo
improve item solo action behaviors, add new actions / API to access
atomic _ * () now work across different JSFX instances e.g. on gmem •
fix missing checkbox icons in FX chain etc •
fix localizing render wildcard help dialog
Media explorer
fix option to toggle searching by custom database tag
fix writing CART TagText field
improve item start offset behavior when recording and preserve PDC monitoring enabled •
fix playback to end of lengthened project when adjusting item rate / position / length via action, media item properties, or API
fix incorrect reset of track default crossfade options
add portamento setting
reduce CPU use
Ripple editing
allow moving media items across tracks with ripple editing enabled and items near top / bottom of project
fix issues relating to detection of feedback in routing •
do not snap time / loop selections to edit cursor / time selection if it would make a zero-length selection
apply global color tweaks to toolbar buttons after state change •
fix GDI object leak when closing media item properties.

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