Hello Samples : Sub Phatty – Multidrived Synth ABLETON MASCHINE

We are happy because Moog has included some of our custom SubPhatty presets on their new official software editor. And if you are a lucky owner you just need to register it on the Moog’s website and you will receive the editor for free!

But for those who doesn’t have one, we have sampled the phatty so you can enjoy it on your samplers. (NI Maschine, Ableton Live and MPC presets included).

The new Multidrive Filter is quite impressive, shining on Leads, Basses and FX.

Some presets are just the raw sound from the Moog, others have been modified with some inside DAW effects (Maschine and Live).

Finally, because we are not limited to monophony thanks to computer samplers, we have created multiple presets that let you play a POLYPHONIC MOOG!

Share and enjoy that drived sounds

● More than 1200 Samples
Including bass, leads, analog percussion, S&H, Sync sounds and SFX.
● 58 Ableton Live Instruments (Multisampled)
● 36 Maschine Group Kits (Multisampled)
● 3 MPC PGMs with only C note from every sound

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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