iZotope Stutter Edit 2 v2.0.0

Setting up Stutter Edit 2 is simple. Its presets are called gestures, and can be assigned to MIDI keys and saved as banks. You can perform these modulating effects by simply hitting a key or by using the useful new Auto mode, which automatically plays your selected gesture on loop. The triggering of these gestures differs depending on your DAW. Some require a separate instrument track to host the plug-in, with audio fed in via the sidechain input. Stutter Edit 2 can sense which DAW you’re using, and will show you a step-by-step guide when you select MIDI play mode.

There are plenty of presets that show off the range of the plug-in, including many designed by BT himself. These include vocal transitions, cinematic sound effects, master-bus fills and build-ups, sidechains and trance gates, beat grooves, synth-bass modulations and many more. If you want to build your own bank, you can drag and drop to assign individual gestures to each key on the keyboard. Settings such as bar length (from 16th notes to two bars), palindrome looping and how the effect reacts when the key is pressed and released are saved along with each gesture.

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