Despite what some might have you believe, the only digital multieffects units with true preset spillover were the DigiTech GSP1101, 2112, and 2120, and they accomplished this by dedicating a second identical DSP to spillover and only spillover. (Basically, to hear two dynamically allocated presets with absolutely zero gap—not some global reverb or delay smeared to cover the gap—you need enough DSP to run both of them simultaneously.) So… if you’re willing to sacrifice half your DSP—that is, COMPLETELY DISABLE PATH 2—you too can have true preset spillover. IMPORTANT! Unfortunately, Looper recording or playback will not currently spill over from one preset to another. Also, note that there may be a slight hiccup when switching between two presets with different impedance values for the Guitar Input.

In the Global Settings > Preferences menu, set Preset Spillover to “On.” (SHORTCUT: Hold ACTION and press HOME.) A dialog appears, reading “Remove Path 2 to enable preset spillover?”
Press Knob 6 (OK).
Press HOME. Path 2 has disappeared! You may now switch presets to your heart’s delight with true spillover, but note that if Preset A is still spilling over into Preset B (say one of its delay’s feedback is making it self-oscillate), switching to Preset C will abruptly cut off Preset A.
To return to normal operation with two paths, turn Preset Spillover back to “Off.” (SHORTCUT: Hold ACTION and press HOME again.) A dialog appears, reading “The preset must be reloaded. All unsaved changes will be lost!” So if you’ve made changes to the preset, be sure to save it before turning Spillover off.
Press Knob 6 (OK).

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