Man Makes Noise : Puro – OMNiSPHERE 2 Presets

Puro (Finnish); a stream, creek. Puro (Spanish); unadulterated. Puro is about air. It’s about present day true to life surfaces and cushions. It’s a quest for magnificence in appalling spots. Worked from odds and ends of natural sounds Puro, similar to the water is a stream, is worked to be continually moving and developing. Also, similar to a stream transforms into a waterway and streams run into lakes and seas Puro develops from little to immense.

Substance: The 200 fixes in Puro are separated into four classes:





Puro additionally gives you 494 spic and span soundsources for Omnisphere. For Puro I recorded an assortment of customary and specially manufactured instruments just as equipment synths and an enormous determination of discovered sounds.

14 Instruments: Piano (the on in the entryway), Seagull M4 Dulcimer, Maika’i Soprano Ukulele, A Broken Souvenir Ukulele (a busted modest thing found in a dumpster), Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Toy xylophone, Djembe, Metal Bell, Tambourine, Windchimes (Koshi model), Recorder, Male Voice (Man Makes Noise’s voice), Small Gong.

3 Custom Built Instruments: PVC Bansuri (worked from a virus water pipe), Baseboard (custom wire instrument), The Jumalauta (custom single string instrument).

2 Hardware Synths: Arturia MicroFreak, Arturia Matrix Brute.

40+ Found Sound Sources: a pooch’s water bowl, metal pot, metal bowl, a pot and top, entryway handles, glass bottles, plastic jugs, metal funnels, metal radiators, a wooden box with an elastic band, metal pivots, metal hits, a wok top, an egg slicer (mandolin style), an enormous wood saw, common water sounds (streams and sewers), a toy motor, a corroded grill, a plastic water container, a vacuum cleaner, a metal rake, a metal sickle, tennis shoes, glass plates, coincidental flying creature accounts, trees, a movement size didgeridoo, a water barrel, a kitchen blade, Jaz Amsterdam refuse can, broken glass, a scoop, a toy vehicle, glass shower divider at Jaz Amsterdam, a punching pack, a crowbar, a wooden door jamb.

Puro additionally contains two straightforward percussion instruments as a little something extra. These are introduced in Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (5.8.1) design. The example substance of these is opened so they can be stacked into any sampler. Puro requires Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere 2.6.

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