Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin

The legendary ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal is finally available as a plugin! Along with the classic ODR-1 sound, we’ve added a ton of new features like: Adjustable voltage (from 5v to 18v) and switchable low cut, which gives you even more options than the physical pedal!

Flawless digital recreation of the legendary Nobels ODR-1
Retains a guitars dynamics while still giving an overdriven tone – Tolerance Modelling
Available on both PC & MAC
Variable Voltage with automatic level adjustment
Bass Cut
Mono or Stereo
Low CPU overhead
Classic tones from Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp, Tim Pierce, and more!
Preset Saving
No annoying dongle protection

• Drive – Adjusts the amount of overdrive.
• Spectrum – Turning the knob clockwise increases the bass and treble at the same time. The midrange stays
untouched in either direction to offer transparency with a pinch of warmth.
• Level – Adjusts the total output volume of the pedal.
• Bass Cut – Applies a Low-Pass Filter at 80 Hz.
• Bypass – Allows you to turn on or off the plugin.
• Tolerance Modelling – Allows you to introduce tolerance differences between multiple instances of the plugin, similar to the tolerance variance that occur in manufacturing of the Nobels ODR-1.
• Voltage – This allows you to have the option to give your audio track less headroom or more headroom of the overdrive effect.

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