Puremagnetik Plugins Bundle

• Puremagnetik Canvas 1.0.2 (WIN), 1.0.1 (MAC) – Artist of Puremagnetik Boris Salkhov has combined his recordings and prepared piano sounds into a “texture microsampler” with his album Stars. You can now load the sound bank of his recordings into a microsampler / romper unit

• Puremagnetik Kristall 1.0.1 – a unique delay unit that creates a “prism” of echo patterns. It sends audio through the delay feedback line and resamples the output to 2 discrete lines. Then you can control each line independently and adjust their stereo location for each channel.

• Puremagnetik Parallax 1.0.1 is a unique effect that is part vocoder and part echo / reverb matrix. It can create subtle, modulating filter effects that expand and transform in beautiful algorithmic spaces. It is based on a set of 10-band filters

• Puremagnetik Speektra 1.0.1 is a speech simulation synthesizer based on the VOSIM method developed by Kaegi and Tempelaars in the 1970s. It uses formant burst pulses to synthesize robotic vowel sounds.

• Puremagnetik Weave 1.0.1 – Experimental duo Larum, known for their signature drones and dreamy ambient soundscapes, invites you into their world with an additional plugin.
Along with the album, they also released Weave, a buffer manipulator, space and sound machine inspired by drones and tape music. Now Larum has made this tool available to your studio too!

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