PUREMIX : Start to Finish Vance Powell – Episode 11 -Mixing Part 2

The rigging is fixed, the tracks are all set, and the time has come to proceed with the blend!

In the second scene of blending “Sweet Beast” from “Uneducated Light”, Vance utilizes his mark strategies to keep dialing in the sound.

Watch as Vance:

*Uses the B.A.S.E. to extend the width of the ensemble guitars

*Uses a mix of the B.A.S.E and an Eventide H3000 on the vocal “Excessively Double”

*Adds a DBX 500 Subharmonic Synthesizer to the Sub Guitar Solo

*Auditions a few turning speaker modules and the dials in the champ on the lead vocal

*Automates the speed of the rotating speaker for each segment of the melody

*Uses a H910 to add width to the vocal

*Adds numerous postpone processors to the vocals to make development and spread

*Creates a pseudo multiplied vocal utilizing AutoTune and ADT

*Sets up for robotization passes on his SSL

*Next week will bring the last scene from Sputnik Sound, where Vance will complete the blend, and print to his ATR 102 Tape Machine.

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