If you want to make your beats sound more like Drake’s, then this studio quality Bundle is the perfect sample package to have in your sound lab.This package is complete with Native Instruments Massive OVO instruments , Kontakt 5 OVO Instruments , 20 Sound Kits , 48 VIPSL OVO Kicks & 808’s, 22 VIPSL OVO Snares, 14 VIPSL OVO Bass Frequencys , 7 OVO Massive Presets , 7 OVO Maschine Massive Groups ,VIPSL OVO 100 Shots Synth, VIPSL OVO Block Cell Organ, VIPSL OVO Block Synth, VIPSL OVO 808 Instruments, VIPSL Dirty Synth Pluck, VIPSL Dirty Synth Pluck 2, VIPSL OVO Church Bell, VIPSL OVO Magician Brass, VIPSL OVO NBA Stab, VIPSL OVO Omega Digi Piano, VIPSL OVO Omega Piano, VIPSL OVO Omega Synth, VIPSL OVO Orchestral Stab, VIPSL OVO Owl Feather, VIPSL OVO Owl Swoop, VIPSL OVO Short Digi Synth, VIPSL OVO Sine Chime, VIPSL OVO We Here Pluck, VIPSL OVO Wild Out Stab, VIPSL OVO Wild Out Synth, VIPSL Owl Rage Synth Pluck, VIPSL Toronto Big Brass, VIPSL Toronto Bell, 21 VIPSL OVO Snaps & Claps, VIPSL Toronto FX Cymbals,and 27 VIPSL High Hats

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